Several myths about what we drink

It turns out that for both in the process of weight loss and healthy nutrition care is very important not only what we eat, but also what we drink . Unfortunately, it turns out that for both the network and the people circulating among a lot of myths about the drinks. Many of them completely from the truth . So if you want to eat healthily , or a dream , and dropping a few extra pounds refer to facts about the drinks.

Sparkling water – unhealthy water
Most people hear about anything carbonated drinks immediately raises an uproar that it’s not healthy in general you should not drink . Of course ! It is right that it is true only if it applies to sweet drinks . The problem in fact is not the content of carbon dioxide in the drink, but the amount of sugar that was used in its production. Many people do not like to drink still water , so nothing stands in the way kulturystyka naturalna instead of drinking water they drank carbonated sparkling water .

Juice instead of vegetable or fruit
Widely circulated myth about the alleged fact that the cover glass of juice daily requirement of fruits or vegetables. Today, no one knows who and why put forward such statement. Most important , however, is that it is not true. Many juices , as they say do not even lay near fruit . Of course there are also the so-called 100% juices , but it is worth bearing in mind that the vast amount of their composition is sugar . Of course, a nice carton , will be written in capital letters, that the juice does not contain sugar. The truth is that it contains sugar, exactly the same amount as in the case of other juices so that it lies under the name – sucrose, fructose or glucose. You may ask what is so different glass of juice from the fruit consumed in its entirety as it also contains sugar . Now, not kulturystyka naturalna only is the fruit juice from the sugar contained therein but also valuable fiber and many other components which accelerate the absorption of sugars . In addition, fruits are also a valuable source of energy , which can not be said of the juices .

Coffee is dangerous
Although , this myth was overthrown relatively long time , it turns out that more and more people will give believes in the statement that the coffee is very dangerous to health. The truth , however, according to recent studies , is completely different. Drinking coffee in reasonable amounts , ie 1-2 cups a day , does not cause any adverse health effects . Interestingly, assisted by a number of natural life processes such as metabolism or digestion. Of course, exceptions are people here who suffer from hypertension . Rules consuming caffeinated products such persons should be determined by your doctor.

What better ; green tea or black
In this regard, we do not find a uniform answer. It turns out that for both green tea and coffee, do not carry any health risk . Both of these types of teas can be consumed by people of all ages . It should be borne in mind that green tea has stimulant properties and slightly raising the pressure . This action in the case of black tea is slightly smaller, which does not mean that it is completely undetectable . It should also be remembered that both types of tea have anti-inflammatory and atydoksydacyjne . You can not even hide that they are simply delicious .

Great beer belly
Although this statement is circulated throughout almost the whole world , and is very keen repeated by many people , the truth is that it has no reflect the truth. Beer , you can not hide , is highly caloric . But it has no ingredients that would just affect the increase of the abdomen. It is true , however, that excess drinking of alcohol has an effect on the functioning of the liver and excessive growth . In the case of kulturystyka naturalna many common and hard-drinking men, big belly is a sign of excessive growth of the liver and cirrhosis of the liver . Rarely , however , can grow yourself a belly , drinking one beer a day. You should also remember that weight gain , a much greater impact is the consumption of sugary , fizzy drinks , rather than a beer.

A desire to best water
If you really want us to drink, do not try to quench that thirst with sweet beverages or even juice . It turns out that such drinks additionally increase the feeling of thirst . However, remember that water will adequately irrigate all those thirsty or moderate growing sport . If propagates by professional athletes or persons Training more fiercely , much more suited special isotonic sports drinks that except that quench thirst , also provide the body with essential electrolytes .

In fact, it is worthwhile to limit your daily intake of drinks to one or two of coffee and no more than a few teas. Other thirst during the day, it is best to extinguish using plain water , carbonated or not. During intense training , however, should carry a isotonic drink , so that quickly regain lost energy .


Diet to reduce appetite

There’s no denying that the biggest enemy of every person being on a diet is appetite. Excessive appetite is a common cause excessive scale build- up of fat. Many people , in order to throw off the extra pounds, apply restrictive diets or completely give up eating . Unfortunately, such an action brings a completely opposite effect. It turns out that the body prevented from consuming adequate amounts of food , not only slows down the metabolism in the body. Many people głodzących for a long time , after a few days literally pounces on the food , causing only more rapid weight gain , so- called yo-yo effect .

Certainly each of us remember our grandmothers and theories I have on good appetite, which supposedly is to be a sign of good health. In a way there is some truth , but not quite. Deals in fact , that an excessive appetite , in turn , may also be a sign of health problems. For many people , problems with excessive food intake associated with impaired May mechanism of control of food intake . Mostly it is associated with certain hormones. If the problem of excessive appetite, also applies to us as soon as possible should go to the doctor to diagnose the cause of this state of affairs . It happens often that this is one of many symptoms of the disease , which will require treatment.

Often says that the appetite grows with eating . Mostly saying this is used in a slightly different context , is not always on actually eating , but also in the literal sense of the word , there is a grain of truth. There are certain products that the more we consume , and the more the more we have no appetite. To the dismay of many people , an example of such products are among other sweets . Sorry, but there are very few people who really can not resist taking a while one candy from the pack lying nearby.

For products with a similar effect, you can add many others, especially those that are rich in carbohydrates. Nobody will deny the theory that obese people usually eat much more than lean people . The circle is closed , we eat more than we need which results in the deposition of fat, and eat rallies again because we have a greater need for calories .

Among the many products that we can buy in stores , you can easily choose those that interfere with appetite control mechanism . Among the most dangerous in this respect , are primarily highly processed products , ie those which have undergone multiple treatment to be on the shelf in the store. Among the products of this type of real leaders are processed cheese , all kinds of highly processed fast and white bread . Of course, this does not mean that we are forced to completely abandon the products of this type. But remember to choose on the basis of the meal especially the least processed products . ,

Very often the cause of constant feeling of hunger are poorly balanced diet. It is worth to choose the most nutritious products at the same time informative . For this purpose perfectly suited to any protein products . But we must remember that they contain primarily protein valuable. Thanks to him we will not feel hunger with such force , and already a small portion will be able to satisfy our hunger .

A very important issue in the reduction of too much food, is suing fruits and vegetables. It turns out that especially vegetables naturally suppress hunger . In addition, high fiber content accelerates the natural processes of metabolism. Of course there are less vegetables and more valuable. Certainly, the more valuable you can include broccoli , cauliflower and lettuce . This does not mean , however, that no values ​​are potatoes or legumes .

We now come to a very interesting aspect , so often skipped by many people. Trying to analyze your diet in terms of more and less valuable products , you can forget about beverages. It turns out that very often it is the drinks are part of the losing weight is difficult. Interestingly , it turns out that there are drinks that are not only high in calories , it’s still in addition have a significant impact on the amount of fluid we wpijanego . In a word , they cause even greater desire or appetite. Unfortunately, it turns out that such reactions are caused by all the sweet sodas .

No less important is the appropriate distribution of meals during the day . It is very important not only how much and how we eat but also when. It turns out , according to many studies , it is not worth eating only then when we really feel strong hunger . The ideal solution is to eat meals at intervals , so that we did not manage to feel transferee desire to absorb everything that is within our reach . In a word , eat more frequently , ie less !


There’s no denying that winter is not the time in which the pleasure to spend time outdoors. In contrast, spring is the time in which we begin to be happy to go for walks and even begin the adventure of running . The upcoming summer , prompting many people , especially women begins with the title, the fight against unnecessary pounds . Before the summer , many of us also want to improve slightly their figure , which was the perfect way seems to be running . Unfortunately, such decisions often take people who have an overwhelming number of time they spend watching TV . Widely circulated for review that can run each, and the sport is not only cheap but also widely available . It is true , however, that there is definitely a sport suitable for everyone. Of course there is no denying that running has a very good impact not only on our physical health but also mental . This does not change the fact that in order to be able to start running, it is necessary to adequately prepare . Without basic knowledge of warm-up and the running, we risk the possibility of the formation of numerous injuries and damage.

If until recently been rather domesticated avoiding too much of traffic , it is the first step to work on your fitness. The most important is of course suitable prepare your body for training. You can not avoid the fact that we start training without warming up the muscles and tendons. If you generally never were running , or it was so long ago that even barely remember it myself , want to start your adventure with the running of the march which will gradually accelerate until the so-called slow-run . After a few weeks of regular walks will feel the difference . Certainly, your breath will be calmer and the march will be able to calmly talk . People having trouble with respiratory , cardiac and vascular , should consult a doctor before starting training. It may turn out that such physical activity is not advisable for them . Unfortunately, during running, we will be exposed to frequent injuries . Most of them arise primarily because our body is not properly prepared to make the effort . In most cases , damages are ankle and knee joints . This refers not only to all kinds of pain associated with over-exploitation . However, most runners suffer from dislocations , sprains and ligament naciągnięć . It is important to not disregard any signs of damage. Unfortunately, ignoring them and continuing training may again cause more serious disease. In the case of swelling or severe pain leg , you can visit the doctor.

It is also important to prepare for yourself the real and most of all safe training plan . A common cause of injury for runners is excessive fatigue to the novice runner. Very well known are the so-called case of the fatigue fracture . On the formation of these serious injury , is also affected badly chosen running shoes. You should also remember that this injury affects a larger number of cases, women , rarely men. Another , also often repetitive injury of runners is the so-called runner’s knee . A symptom of this disease is usually pain in the kneecap . In the event of any of the injury , it is very important as soon as possible contact their physician . In most cases, in fact , waiting for spontaneous disappearance of symptoms causing quite the opposite effect in the form of deepening injury.

If you are running loved it enough that we are confident that we will continue this activity , we should remember that most of all to acquire good shoes . In this case, you should reckon with the fact that it will be quite a significant expense , so be sure to prepare for and think it well . Under no circumstances should you make a purchase shoes over the Internet. Running shoes is an expense so large that they will need to try on . We need to feel absolutely comfortable in them . When buying shoes , you should try them on such a thick sock in which normally run . It is also important to have a moment to go to the store by checking whether they have been properly matched to the shape of our feet.

Although , running is a sport very old , and certainly seems that this is the perfect sport for all , the truth is somewhat different. If you suffer from any health problems , you should absolutely talk about them with your doctor. Although this kind of sport really brings a lot of positive aspects , it involves a considerable burden on the body and intense physical exercise , not indicated for each . Before you even begin the exercise should stock up on good shoes , which are at an early stage will reduce the likelihood of injury. It is also important that before each workout to perform a warm-up , also thanks to which we reduce the likelihood of injury.


Diet accelerating metabolism

Numerous scientific studies and observations of many experts in the field of dietetics , identified that , unfortunately, the majority of weight loss diets above kulturystyka naturalna all make the metabolic processes are slowed down . Most diets are largely trimmed of many nutrients , which results in the etching processes that are also slowed down. There are cases that people with naturally slow metabolism , watching at home almost entirely to their detention . Surely this situation is frustrating because despite the many sacrifices and even exercise, weight is still standing in place. Fortunately, there are some ways to speed up metabolism. In our article you will find a number of ways.

Throughout his life , accustom your body to specific reactions , behaviors , circadian rhythm , and the amount and type of food. <span title="Jeśli kulturystyka naturalna przez długi czas jedliśmy dosyć dużo, lub też odżywiamy się niezdrowo czy też kalorycznie, nasz organizm pod czas diety wprowadzony zostaje w stan pewnego niedoboru energetycznego.”>If for a long time we ate quite a lot , or nourish unwell or calorie , at the time our body diet is introduced in a state of energy deficiency . At the time of this momentary hesitation energy , the body begins to burn supplementary material energy , in the form of body fat. Unfortunately the prejudice some energy reserves of the body, preparing for hard times , slowing down not only the metabolism but also other life processes . Therefore, we feel at this time lazy , tired and even irritated . Unfortunately, everyone’s body is responding to some shortcomings. Of course, one of the body enters a state faster while others are slowing down a bit at a slower pace. All of this is determined by several factors , not only in the characteristics between individuals , but also the living conditions and the quantities of hormones secreted .

The fastest of body fat storage using the strongest greasy . People strongly Fatty have much more fat and therefore slower they fall into a state of slowdown . <span title="W takiej kulturystyka naturalna sytuacji należy stopniowo wracać do nieco zwiększonej ilości węglowodanów w diecie, aby proces ten stopniowo się zwiększał.”>In such a situation should gradually return to a slightly increased amount of carbohydrates in the diet , that this process is gradually increased . If we do it too abruptly effect will be that fast nabawimy a further pounds instead of lose them .

To be able to understand the reasons for the slowdown of metabolism at the time of weight loss , a closer look should be taken lectin . Leptin is a hormone that undoubtedly a great surprise to many people , is secreted by adipose tissue . Leptin is primarily aimed at regulating many processes, systems such as the circulatory system , or are immune . But what is most interesting , the hormone also regulates a number of energy processes . Since the secretion of leptin in the body depends on the feeling of our hunger or cravings for specific products . To speed up the process of metabolism in the process of weight loss , increase slightly the amount ingested daily dose of energy. It should do so in a thoughtful , so you do not get fat will make it again . Is prudent to increase the dose of energy especially on the days in which the sport grow . As a result, it is confirmed that the increase in the dose of energy will not przybraniu few pounds . Carbohydrate is good to take on training days immediately after exercise or in the evening , which probably surprise many people , as commonly claimed that cares about them more in the morning. During the processes of acceleration , slow metabolism diet , you should arm yourself with patience above all . It is impossible to clearly determine how much time you can take the process to return to the state before the weight loss . But certainly, it will take a little more than a few days. Frequently a sufficient period of time is one to two weeks. Of course, the duration of the whole process, is dependent on the residence time on the diet . After returning to stability can return to the diet, except that the weight loss process must be adapted to our metabolism that probably we were able to meet the time the process of return to their former state. However, if the weight loss process especially it was difficult to get back to normal , you should seek the advice of a nutritionist . You may need to apply our special diet for people with reduced metabolic process .

Unfortunately, all treatments, to slimming , such as training and applying an adequate diet, may to a greater or lesser extent affect the reduction of the rate of metabolism. Unfortunately, many people in such a case , start practicing more or agree to further tighten its restrictive diet. In such a situation, we begin to lose weight more slowly and even our body begins to accumulate everything that we eat . In this case, it is worthwhile to break your diet and wait a few days until everything returned to normal . After a few days, everything should be back to normal again and we will be able to begin the process of getting rid of extra pounds . It should be borne in mind also the fact that sometimes people who at the beginning of the diet do not lose a kilo or fields , since the hormone which regulates metabolism, starts off very quickly.

Products which do not need to give up on a diet

The diet is associated with most of us with the murderous sacrifices . Meanwhile , many diets often requires resignations of products which do not have to sacrifice . In a word , whether you eat kulturystyka naturalna them or not , there is no impact on our weight . Below is a list and description of the products with which we need not , and indeed should not resign because of his health . Most of them, in fact , provides the body with essential nutrients , so that we keep our body in good health and balance.

In many diets potatoes are listed as a product not only healthy but most of all the fattening and having a decidedly negative impact on the weight loss process . In most diets recommend that you swap potato grits and especially rice, which is called a universal product for slimming people. No one really knows where did the infamous opinion potatoes. Of course, we’re talking about potatoes boiled or baked to the exclusion of any chips or crisps , which apparently received are just the potatoes. The truth is a bit different, but this topic is concern this article . The bottom line is that determined unanimously that potatoes can be freely consumed also by people on a diet. The advantage of this vegetable is very much, first of all they are very filling, stop feeling hungry for a long time after they are consumed . Interestingly , these bulbs are a valuable source of vitamins and micronutrients , especially vitamin C. A great advantage of potatoes , you can easily recognize the vast discretion of their preparation as well as the low price. As a result , even being on a diet , you can eat cheaply and as variously .

Perhaps the fruits completely for many of our readers do not fit kulturystyka naturalna into this list . It turns out , however, that the study clearly show that an increasing number of people who are on a diet , also resigns from eating the fruit. The reason is mainly unfounded fear of carbohydrates and sugars contained in the fruit. Unfortunately, it turns out that many of these people endured hard labor giving up everything sweet and tasty , quite unnecessarily . The latest , award also repeated studies have shown that regular consumption of vegetables and fruit has an impact on the regulation of intestinal , and thus speeds up the metabolism. In a word, eating fruit accelerates weight loss! In addition, thanks to the fruit , we supply our body with a huge dose of vitamins and other valuable nutrients. The sugars contained in fruits do not affect the deposition of fat , so it is certainly excellent news for all those who are on a diet , which is really hard to give up eating sweets. Eating fruit inhibits attraction to sweets.

And here’s another product so willingly and often dropped from the diet , the time desire to throw off a few extra pounds. There’s no denying that actually nuts are caloric . It is worth to mention that that they are also a valuable source of fatty acids. Nuts Almond have properties that inhibit appetite. Certainly, they are much healthier alternative snack , compared with sticks , chips or crackers so often consumed . Nuts are ideal as elevenses mandated to check our hunger and stop a strong need to eat something unhealthy the food.

Butter is probably the product of the most wykreślanym diets . Of course in all things should be moderation, but butter of good quality , that is composed predominantly takes fat milk provides the body with many valuable components. Unfortunately, many people believe the misconception that milk fat clogs the veins , therefore, refrain from this type of butter in favor of margarine . Unfortunately, it turns out that margarine is only suitable for baking and cooking products that do not require too high temperatures. The fat- soluble are also very important vitamins , therefore, not to be completely withheld in particular milk fat consumption and even plant . We find kulturystyka naturalna these vitamins such as A, D , E and K. Fat is also a source of energy. Do not completely abandon it because of your health condition . Surely our health is more important than even the best silhouette .

So as we can see , after examining the content of articles , nutritionists are not infallible . It is also seen that many of the supplements found on the Web are not always exact ancestor of the former diet developed by specialists. As soon as they entered the network , they will have been changed many times . So you can not blindly rely on them . It is good to listen to your own intuition or mere hints of the body. It happens not rarely that we feel like something terrible . In this way, our body gives us the understanding of certain shortcomings , which should be supplemented .


Dietary supplements for muscle growth

Sometimes it happens that in spite of proper diet and exercise our muscle size does not change. In such a case, may be useful with all kinds of food supplements designed to increase muscle tissue. It should be familiar with many types of supplements of this type and their constituents. As a result kulturystyka naturalna , it will be easier to make the right choice .

This supplement should be used when after a long time of training already do not notice the positive effects consisting in increasing muscle tissue. It may also be helpful for people who, despite diet and exercise do not lose the extra pounds . BBCA is nothing but an amino acid, which the body is unable to synthesize the body in a natural way. It is therefore necessary to provide it in the form of dietary and baby foods . According to many experts , BCAA is well suited for people practicing independently of exercise intensity . It works well as a means of providing an additional dose muscle energy when worn by a not most of the stored carbohydrates. Measures on the basis of BCAA should be used to indulged stomach twice a day, before a workout and immediately after.

whey protein
Whey protein is suitable for use by people who are trained in order to obtain a larger muscle mass. By many specialists , the supplement is considered one of the best resources for athletes. This type of protein we can find milk . Supplements containing whey protein , however , they combine many other supplements which the body is unable to produce isolated or extracted in a suitable amount from the kulturystyka naturalna environment. All these amino acids are the most important building blocks of the body muscles . Theoretically, to obtain a really considerable muscle requires the adoption of these types of supplements . Thanks to their application will achieve results faster and they are certainly more spectacular.

The preparation may also prove to be beneficial for people who have undergone a particularly restrictive diet. With the adoption of these amino acids provide the body with adequate amount of energy , which is not linked to the presence of fat. Despite the many beneficial effects of using this supplement , you can not forget about their appropriate dosing. Too much whey protein will have the opposite effect and can even make it feel sluggish that we will be tired.

Supplement of this type , it is best used for training with a heavy load . Perhaps the name sounds a bit mysterious , but rather not talk about that component in high school biology . Hence, a lot of confusion and ambiguity. Labels on packages of supplements also did not dispel these uncertainties normally . They are mostly written in the language of medical , certainly not understood by each buyer .

We write only in short that chondroitin is one of the most important building blocks of cartilage . This supplement among other things, turns out to be helpful in the situation of feeling the pain of too much exercise. If you succumb to injury associated with bone or the connections between them , this supplement will certainly be helpful in the process of regeneration. The use of this type of supplement is indicated primarily for people who train with weights. This can also prevent excessive load on the joints. In some cases, this supplement is also recommended an older person .

Chromium is most often used in a situation of crisis, the so-called training . Chrome provides the body with an increased amount of energy required . This speeds up the absorption of the mineral component of glucose by the body. This preparation should however be taken only in case of clear need . An example is the situation where for some reason we accept small amounts of unprocessed foods such as fruits and vegetables. However, note that excess chromium in the body can be just as dangerous as its deficiency . For example, it may cause various types of cancer . The daily dose of chromium is small and not due its cross .

Preparations enriched with the right amount kulturystyka naturalna of chromium should not be taken by people healthy feeding and those who do not train .

Compressed linoleic acid
This allowance can be used by persons wishing to increase their muscle mass while burning excess body fat . However, using this supplement should know that although it actually promotes the burning of excess fat , it may be undetectable in the form of loss of weight. As mentioned already , linoleic acid accelerates the process of building muscle and therefore the place where we had a fat , quickly cover the muscle mass .

coenzyme Q10
This supplement is known primarily for women . Many pharmaceutical companies advertise their cosmetics with the name of this component. According to the cosmetologists is the action of not only nutritious but also rejuvenating . Its use as a supplement for athletes , is primarily aimed at assisting weight loss process .

Back to form after the winter break

Winter is a time in which much more likely to spend time in front of TV or computer. Whether you are plagued us this winter frost or wind and snowfall, definitely much less we want to go for a walk , than is the case when only starts spring .

When it starts to lengthen the day , many of us realize that the issue should be can finally fight for the improvement of their figures . It is true , however, that after the winter torpor , often very difficult to go back to the old sense of strength and energy . Fortunately, there are many kulturystyka naturalna ways through which we gain back energy quickly which will allow us to once again enter the so-called higher turnover . Thanks to the few ways for sure we will get a new boost of energy that will allow us to once again return to the gym , exercise , running or workouts favorite sport.

Many people , especially in the winter or just after her departure , after the seventeenth time I feel completely exhausted . It is sad , because in these times usually only finish the day at work , and it was after this time we can find a little time for their hobbies or other activities. With using our tips after a few days , noting with surprise that not so fast you do not feel tired , and you can freely use the time that remains after you return from work .

vitamin C
Vitamin C has an impact not only on our immune system , but also the overall health of the entire energy body. It turns out that the daily intake of 6g of citrus just makes it just a few days notice the first effects of the treatment. A large dose of vitamin C we can find in lemon , oranges and mandarins , but also kiwi and apples. According to the researchers , consuming about two kiwis , effectively affects not only the increase in the dose of energy of the body, but also makes it feel more relaxed and calmer .

The most important meal of the day
No less important is the nutritional intake of the respective components. As you may know , most of us , the most important meal of the day is breakfast each . Its mission is kulturystyka naturalna to provide an amount of energy that will be sufficient for the day to come . Many men especially those working professionals , avoid eating breakfast because of lack of time. In this way they make a mistake , not only weakening the body , but also slowing down the process of metabolism , which can also significantly slow down the process of getting rid of extra pounds . Breakfast does not have to consist of high -calorie foods. Largely for this purpose suitable cereal muesli and many others.

water of life
Although , after water , do not provide our body with no nutrients , you can not forget that enables them to process all of the major changes taking place in our body . If so , our bodies will not provide adequate amounts of water , we feel weakness and fatigue. It is always important to keep the economy of the whole organism .

The basis of the diet – protein
The most important nutrient is definitely protein . It is not only the most important building block of muscle and all other tissues. It is worth after the morning meal , eat the appropriate dose of protein. This will give us not only the correct dose of strength and energy , but also make that our body feels saturated.

Rest !
To have energy for daily affairs and above all the movement , we must also ensure that your body time to rest and recuperate energy. For this purpose the ideal time devoted to meditation or a few minutes’ nap . Of course, the body can get used to the Bardo small dose of sleep but after some time ” reassert ” It is due to him for rest . Strong stress, and a small amount of sleep, not conducive to increasing the dose of energy.

Inspire to move
In the life of every human being, there are times kulturystyka naturalna when we feel completely tired and deprived of energy. It happens that our state is not able to change or strong coffee or nap time . In such moments , a great idea is to stimulate the body to work, thanks to the movement . Walk or jog, makes the blood in the veins begins to circulate much faster , and we feel a surge of energy lost .

The sun gives energy
If you ‘re feeling a bit depressed and your batteries are slightly unloaded , you can sit on a bench in the park , located in direct sunlight . The sun’s rays , have the power to stimulate the body to secrete increased amounts of endorphins , which are also called hormones of happiness. This not only feel better , but we can feel the rush of the old energy.

It should plan your time in such a way that more or less always been a same. As a result, our body gets used to the daily rituals , and he learns to properly laying out enough energy so that it for the day.